From the market to the park, I love being outdoors, but the direct Florida sun can be ...well ...HOT!

The idea of a parasol business came to me one hot day while perusing an outdoor market in St. Petersburg. While I loved taking my time at the market, the direct sun was scorching and I found myself drawn primarily to the shady areas and hurrying through the rest. It occurred to me that I would stay longer and the experience would be much more comfortable if I had more shade around me. I remembered how well a paper parasol kept me shaded and cool during my daughter's recent beach wedding and it just clicked!

My name is Sally, so I took a little liberty and named my parasols line paraSals!  I custom paint and embellish 

each paper/bamboo parasol; some have tung oil or another finish applied to give a nice sheen and to provide some water resistance (but not intended to be waterproof). Others might have dried flowers or feathers attached. They can be customized for you as desired. 

I hope you enjoy using your paraSal!

Please step into the Photo Gallery to see some of my designs, or send me a message below for inquiries and pricing.

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